January 15, 2021
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Sigma 8000 Infusion Pump with McGaw Configuration

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The SIGMA 8000 is intended for the following intravenous and epidural applications;

1. Large and small volume parenterals
2. Neonatal
3. Homecare
4. Epidural Infusions
5. Blood Product Infusions

STANDARD IV SET USE: The SIGMA 8000 uses standard gravity IV sets. The principle advantages of standard sets over "captive" sets are;

1. Lowest possible cost.
2. No need to change IV sets when patients move from one hospital area to another.
3. Maximum IV set selection, including needleless.

Each SIGMA 8000 is calibrated to use a single brand of standard IV set (either Abbott, Baxter, or B. Braun McGaw*). Unlike other standard set pumps, which cannot be recalibrated, the SIGMA 8000 can be recalibrated to accommodate new IV set suppliers in the future. Since the SIGMA 8000 is designed to use an IV set with a specific inner diameter and elasticity, it will not operate safely and effectively with large diameter blood sets, small diameter micro-bore sets, or stiff nitroglycerin sets. However, special SIGMA 8000 sets are available for blood, lipid and nitroglycerin infusions. These sets utilize a pump insert that is made from standard Abbott, Baxter, or B. Braun McGaw IV tubing. The SIGMA 8000 maintains ±5% flow rate accuracy while using a single tubing section for 72 hours.

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