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Stryker Physio Control LIFEPAK CR Plus Training System

New | Part #: 11250-000073

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The LIFEPAK® CR-T AED training system provides realistic training in the use of the LIFEPAK® CR Plus and LIFEPAK EXPRESS defibrillators without the actual charge and discharge of electrical energy. This unit follows a simple, 1, 2, 3-step operation and guides users through simulated analysis, energy delivery, and prompted CPR intervals. All of its functions are programmable to simulate the full range of scenarios during real life use, allowing users to gain confidence in their ability to respond to a cardiac emergency. The system also includes a variety of interactive features, such as audio and visual prompts, to help users understand the importance of following the correct steps in a timely manner. Additionally, the system can be used to practice CPR techniques, helping users become more proficient in providing life-saving care.

The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED can be used to train in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions. It is compatible with any CPR manikin system and allows you to follow all eight American Heart Association Heartsaver AED training scenarios and all four American Red Cross training scenarios. Moreover, you can create custom scenarios for your students with the multi-function remote control, allowing for a more personalized training experience.

The LIFEPAK CR-T AED Training System is an economical and comprehensive training solution. Powered by four standard D-cell batteries, the unit provides realistic and versatile training for all skill levels, from first-time lay users to experienced emergency responders. The electrode pads are affordable and reusable, and accurately mimic the rapid access QUIK-PAK pacing/defibrillation ECG electrode pads unique to the LIFEPAK CR Plus/EXPRESS defibrillators. This system is designed to meet the needs of all trainers, ensuring that users are equipped with the necessary skills to respond to an emergency situation.