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Philips DECG Reusable Legplate Adapter Cable

Recertified | Part #: 989803137651 | Warranty: 6 months

$137.00 $110.00

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Use with Philips Healthcare Equipment

M2705A, M2703A, M1350A, M1350B, M1350C, M1353A, M1357A, M1364-60001, M2738A, M1365A, M2727A, M2735A, M2720A

Product Category: Fetal

Use with Non-Philips Healthcare Equipment: No

Product Type: Direct ECG

CE Certified: Yes

Single-Patient Use OR Multi-Patient Use Multi-Patient Use

Package Weight: .181 kg

Manufactured with natural rubber latex: No

Packaging Unit: 1 cable

Sterile OR Non-Sterile Non-Sterile

Minimum Shelf Life: None

Use with Other Supplies:  989803137631; 989803137641

Fetal Direct ECG

Cable Length 64 cm (25.2")