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Moog Curlin Zevex Infinity Orange for Neonates and Infants

Cleaned. Tested. Updated. Calibrated. Patient Ready.

Bio-Certified Refurbished | Part #: ZevexInfinity | Warranty: 6 months


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For Neonates and Infants

Infinity Orange Enteral Feeding Pump by Zevex is designed with a rotary peristaltic pump that provides pre-programmed nutritional flow. This low flow device is specifically designed for infants. Integrated, automatic free-flow safeguards protect the patient. Its small size and weight make it easily portable. An easy to use interface allows you to easily select the flow rate of nutrition. It offers a high accuracy flow rate of within 5%. This product may serve in hospital or alternate care applications.

The Infinity orange features an intuitive design and interface that is very simple to program, reducing the potential for programming errors. Two convenient delivery set options can be used with either milk or formula: a 100 mL Bag Set, or a Screw Cap Delivery Set.
Powerful and accurate enough to use in the ICU, yet lightweight and portable enough to be used at home after the patient is discharged.

  • This pump is simple to program and has a maximum programmable rate and dose lock features. It requires rate, dose, and food type confirmation before running, which reduces the potential for programming errors.
  • Maintains ± 5% accuracy, even at low rate and dose settings. Leaves minimal fluid in the downstream tubing after feeding completion, resulting in less wasted milk or formula.
  • Features an intuitive design and interface that can be quickly and easily mastered, allowing the caregiver to focus on other areas of care.
  • Performs consistently under a wide variety of conditions. It does not require any regularly scheduled maintenance or calibration and can be cleaned with warm soapy water.


Size:    4.05” H x 5.65” W x 1.95” D (10.3 cm H x 14.4 cm W x 4.9 cm D)
Weight:    14.4 oz (408 g)
Flow Rate Range:    0.1 – 300 mL/hr
Flow Rate Accuracy:    ± 5%
Flow Rate Increment:    0.1 mL/hr from 0.1 – 10 mL/hr; 1 mL/hr from 10 – 300 mL/hr
Dose Range:    0.1 mL – 3000 mL
Dose Increment:    0.1 mL from 0.1 10 mL; 1 mL from 10 – 3000 mL
Priming Volume:    ~5.5 mL
Residual Volume:    ~2.0 mL
Battery:    Lithium ion; 24 hours at 125 mL/hr; 6 hour recharge time
Operating Orientation:    Any
Maintenance:    No annual maintenance or calibration required
Cleaning:    Washable under running water (water resistant)
Warranty:    2 years