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Mindray EPM 10M Patient Monitor with Arrhythmia Analysis, Nellcor SpO2, Temperature, Respiration

Base Features: 3/5 Lead ECG, NIBP

New | Part #: 9204E-PA00005 | Warranty: 3 Years


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The ePM10 is the perfect choice for mobile patient monitoring, offering unparalleled mobility and convenience. Its compact, rugged design features an ergonomic carrying handle, multiple mounting options, and up to 6-hour battery run time, making it ideal for transport monitoring. With its versatile design, the ePM10 is sure to meet all your needs.

Its high-resolution capacitive touchscreen display and intuitive user interface make it easy for caregivers to quickly and accurately complete clinical tasks, allowing them to keep their focus on patients during patient transport. With its user-friendly design, caregivers can easily access the information they need to provide the best possible care.

Accurate and reliable parameter measurement is essential for patient safety and comfort. The integrated Platinum™ MPM parameters and anti-interference performance guarantee excellent parameter accuracy and reliability, even during patient transport. This ensures that patients receive the highest quality of care, no matter where they are.

The ePM10 offers unparalleled flexibility in connectivity, allowing for wireless connection to the Mindray central monitoring system. This allows for real-time viewing of all information from the ePM10 from the nurse station or any bedside monitor within the network, providing healthcare professionals with the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

  • 10″ capacitive touchscreen displays, featuring intuitive user interface
  • ePM 10M, 8 waveforms
  • Integrated parameters include 3, 5-lead ECG, Masimo SET® SpO2, NIBP, respiration, temperature
  • Optional Nellcor® OxiMax® SpO2 available
  • Arrhythmia analysis with atrial fibrillation (Afib) detection standard
  • Optional ST and QT/QTc monitoring
  • Extensive data storage capability for trend data, alarms, events, and 48 hours of full disclosure
  • Optional Sidestream