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Stryker Physio Control AC Power Adapter for Lifepak 12

Cleaned. Tested. Updated. Calibrated. Patient Ready.

Bio-Certified Refurbished | Part #: VLP12-06-000102 | Warranty: 90 Days

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AC Adapter for Lifepak 12 Defibrillator

Provides AC power for the LIFEPAK 12 defibrillator/monitor and charges installed batteries. Can be confiugured for 110V and 220V/240V. Note: Adapter does not provide battery conditioning. Use with SLA batteries.  If using with NiCad batteries a Battery Support System II is required.  Battery conditioning required with NiCad batteries to maintain full recharge as the batteries age. Please speak with one of our representatives if you have questions regarding your power options for the Lifepak 12
Works with Fastpak, Fastpak II, NiCd 1.8 Ah, NiCd 2.4 Ah, & SLA Batteries