August 20, 2022

Accuvein AV500

Condition: New

Part #: AV500
Warranty: 1 year
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AccuVein’s vein viewing system is the world’s first handheld, non-contact vein illumination solution. It is built on AccuVein’s proprietary technology as embodied in its patent portfolio which includes dozens of patents covering a broad range of imaging and medical diagnostic technologies.

How it works

Vein visualization (also known as vein illumination) uses Near-infrared (NIR) imaging for detecting veins. The AccuVein AV500 employs two safe barcode-scanner class lasers that work in tandem to provide a real-time image of the subcutaneous vasculature up to 10mm deep.


Use the Accuvein AV500 for cosmetic reasons to avoid veins to minimize bruising, improve IV starts and blood draw. 

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